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We're leading the digitization of Property Management in the Philippines

Welcome to Inventi

Inventi was founded in 2017 by an experienced team of IT, real estate, and facilities management professionals who deeply understood the challenges posed by manual processes within property management and saw the need to address these challenges through innovation.

Armed with these insights, we deliver a software-as-a-service and intuitive platform that empowers you to work smarter.

Today we are a rapidly growing PropTech company based in the Philippines focused on accelerating the pace of digitization and automation in property management within our shores and beyond.

“In the years that follow, property managers will be searching for new ways to address their challenges with technology and Inventi will be at the forefront of these innovations.” – Managing Director of Inventi, Joseph Tay

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Inventi Timeline


  • Inventi Intellectual Holdings Corp. founded by a group of former Property managers and IT professionals who saw the need to digitize property management in the Philippines.
  • HUA (Heard, Understood, Acknowledged) system launched. Combining Customer Relationship Management (CRM) with Computerized Maintenance Management System (CMMS) capabilities


  • HUA evolves into Smart Building Solutions (SBS). Inventi’s facilities management system specialized in property maintenance.
  • SBS digitizes work orders, preventive and corrective maintenance, and location & equipment databases.


  • Contract and Inventory Management modules added to Inventi SBS.
  • SBS is further enhanced through integration with IoT-enabled devices such as smart meters and sensors.


  • Tenant Management features were added to Inventi SBS, making it a full-fledged Property Management System.
  • SBS is implemented in 1 million square meters around the Philippines.


  • SBS is now Inventi – our unified brand for all our Property Management solutions.
  • Inventi reaches a milestone of having been implemented into 100 properties around the Philippines, covering more than 2 million square meters


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