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We digitalize your facilities front and back end. We create a great experience for your tenants, customers, and facilities team.

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Inventi is a complete Property Management Software for facilities and tenant management.

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Inventi enables you

Inventi enables you to

Optimize your portfolio for cost and size

Inventi enables you to

Measurably increase tenant, customer, and employee experience and satisfaction

Inventi enables you to

Provide data insights to increase revenue opportunity

Inventi enables you to

Increase your facilities team efficiency and effectiveness

Inventi enables you to

A better plan for Net Carbon Zero by managing assets and tracking consumption

We understand that each property management team has their own way of doing things, while we do have a standard solution, we constantly configure and customize this to fit the specific needs of our clients.

eds encarnacion

President & Chief technology officer

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Francis Wee

CEO of W Group

What we like about SBS is that we can pull up the maintenance history of any piece of equipment or facility and make informed decisions that can avoid costly repairs or replacements. It has also helped ensure that our staff is accountable for the work that they do because their productivity is logged in the system.

Rolph Mariano

Concierge Manager of Arthaland

Inventi benefits its building tenants, particularly in processes such as filing service requests, gate passes, and amenities reservations from their mobile devices without having to visit an office or manually fill up a form. One thing that sets Inventi apart is its integration with IoT (Internet of Things) devices for buildings such as occupancy counters, thermal cameras, and indoor air quality monitors.


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