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A Cloud-based / online property management is the use of property management software where we digitalized the daily tasks of being a property manager. In addition, it is where both software and the data are stored online.

Using a cloud-based property management software offer you a lot of benefits

Cloud-based Property management works online giving you access to property information from multiple devices anytime, anywhere.

Online property management software allows for scaling up to cloud capacity, accessing property information on the go, and facilitating collaboration among multiple users.

Cloud-based property management software gives priority to data security as it uses the same security standard as used by banks. To know more about data security, read Is What are the benefits of cloud property management?

Yes, go ahead and add your brand touch. Inventi lets you customize invoices, charts, billing statements, and more with a look that suits your brand. Find out more when you schedule a demo with us.

No, once you purchase the Inventi Property Management Software you can any member of your organization and assign the functions that fit their job position.

You can visit our Inventi Facebook page to get all kinds of support from Inventi Experts. This facility includes webinars, live support & tutorials as well. You can even send a message by accessing the Contact us page and then clicking the ‘Start a Message’ button to get real-time help.

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