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Inventi is a Property Management Solution to digitize facilities and tenant management for any real estate asset.

Got a property? Inventi can help.

Property Management is due for an Upgrade

Effective Property Management is essential to keeping tenants happy and maximizing a property’s lifespan and valuation. But Property Management today usually involves a lot of paperwork, spreadsheets, and manual processes.

Property Management is due for an upgrade and change starts with Inventi. We currently serve over 2 million square meters of real estate and growing.

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Our Value Proposition


Real-time knowledge anytime, anywhere


Supercharge your property management team


Keep Tenants Happy


Manage costs while boosting your revenue


Maximize your property’s lifespan and valuation

Innovative Software-As-A-Service

Inventi is delivered as a Software-as-a-Service (SaaS), which allows you to benefit from a lower cost of ownership & maintenance than in-house or custom solutions. Our affordable subscription price includes infrastructure, development, support, and continuous upgrades.

Inventi’s dedicated development team has a wealth of experience in software development and property management. We are continuously innovating to introduce new features and best practices.

Inventi is customizable to fit your needs and easily scalable to with grow your business.

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Industries Served

Inventi is ideal for any property or multi-branch operation. We serve customers in diverse industries including real estate, education, institutions, F&B and retail, and much more.

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