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Properties Post-Pandemic: Prediction for Progress

Predictions on the Global and Philippine Real Estate market following the pandemic. Responding to these expected changes through digitization.

Properties Post-Pandemic: Prediction for Progress

Series of Webinars presented by Inventi

During the webinar, Ms. Cha Carbonell went over the several changes that would drive the real estate industry to invest in Property technology. For a quick summary, one would be the hybrid or remote work, data access is becoming a necessity together with balancing data security and accessibility which is an opportunity for Proptech players to grab. Second is consumer behavior where the rise of e-commerce provides huge convenience. And lastly is customer-centric property management where understanding employee experience by leveraging proptech could play a big role which is aimed towards better customer experience.

While Architect Cathy Saldaña talked about how digital transformation may be used to combine with conventional approaches for the benefit of all members of the community. She cited huge shifts such as a mix of working physically, working from home, and growth in collaboration spaces. Following on from this, the next elements would be technologies that support holograms, more interactive ways, and digital transformation that would present and birth more advanced collaborative, cooperative, and coordinating ways for the real estate industry to manage, handle and interact with people.